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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Goshen, IN

Damaged or missing teeth can impact your oral health and confidence, and we at Goshen Dentist are here to help. We are pleased to offer a range of restorative dentistry solutions, including dental crowns and bridges, to repair damaged teeth and fill gaps in your smile. Our durable, aesthetic restorations will have you back in a healthy, functional smile with beautifully natural results.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover the portions of teeth visible over the gum line. They protect weak or damaged teeth, restoring your smile’s health and function. At Goshen Dentist, we offer the best available crown materials, including porcelain and zirconia.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a type of dental restoration designed to replace one or more adjacent teeth. They are typically made up of dental crowns attached to existing teeth on either side of the gap, with one or more replacement teeth in between. The artificial tooth or teeth, known as pontics, are made of the same quality materials as dental crowns.

Dental crowns are versatile restorations with many uses, including the following:

  • They repair weak, cracked, chipped, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth, protecting them and preventing further damage. 
  • They restore teeth with deep decay that are too damaged to repair using tooth-colored dental fillings.
  • They cover teeth that have undergone root canal therapy, fortifying their structure and preventing future fracture or breakage. 
  • They restore the length, health, and appearance of teeth worn due to grinding, a condition known as bruxism. 
  • They make cosmetic modifications by covering discolored, misshapen, gapped, misaligned, or uneven teeth, improving the appearance and health of your smile.
  • They replace one or more missing teeth by covering dental implants or holding dental bridges in place.

Dental bridges offer numerous benefits, including the following:

  • They fill in gaps left by missing teeth, restoring your complete smile and enhancing your confidence. 
  • They restore your ability to bite and chew, making it easier to enjoy many more of your favorite foods. 
  • They prevent the slurring and inability to make certain sounds resulting from tooth loss, improving your speech.
  • They fill in the spaces left by missing teeth, preventing the neighboring teeth from shifting, which could lead to problems with the bite and further tooth loss.
  • They redistribute the forces of your bite, lowering the risk of tooth fracture, uneven tooth wear, gum disease, and TMJ pain. 
  • They are incredibly durable, lasting many years with proper oral hygiene care and regular dental visits.

What Is the Dental Crown and Bridge Procedure?

Dr. Fugate will first numb the area for your comfort, then prepare the damaged tooth or the teeth adjacent to the gap by shaping them to make room for your new dental crown or bridge. Next, she will use an intraoral scanner to capture 3D models of your prepared teeth and send them to a dental lab for fabrication. She will place a temporary crown or bridge to protect your prepared tooth or teeth as you wait. 

During an upcoming appointment, Dr. Fugate will check your permanent crown or bridge to ensure that they provide the best possible match and fit, then she will cement them in place. The last step is making any adjustments needed to ensure your restorations are comfortable and functional. With proper care, your dental crown or bridge will keep you smiling your best for many years to come.

Dental Crowns and Bridges Near Me in Goshen, IN

Visit Goshen Dentist to learn more about restoring damaged or missing teeth with dental crowns or bridges. Dr. Fugate and her team are committed to using the latest technology and best-in-line materials to create aesthetic, durable restorations for long-term healthy smiles.

Our friendly staff looks forward to caring for your smile. Call 574-533-6911 to schedule your appointment, or book one online today!